Produced by: Alex Weir, Chris Walton, Scott Libengood, and Rick Sosa. Dreamhouse Studios and Cut It Up Def Entertainment are excited to announce the debut of their latest creation, “The Bass That Ate Miami, The Foundation”. This independent documentary is based on the evolution of music in South Florida and the untold story of the hip hop genre known as Miami Bass. South Florida artists, producers and music executives helped evolve this sound into its own unique hip hop dance genre. Miami Bass dominated the airwaves and car speakers from the mid 1980’s to the mid 1990’s. The Miami Bass sound continues to influence many of today’s hottest artists. As hip hop grew and took over different regions of the U.S.; South Florida gave birth to a new style of hip hop that most people don’t realize evolved there. The fast, bass heavy drum beats that are used in pop culture today were created on the street corners of South Florida with huge speakers and massive street parties. The documentary features segments on Kraftwerk, Electro-Funk, breakdancing, turntableism, drum machine programming (the 808 & the SP1200), the process of record making, car audio exhibitions and of course high energy dance moves. Read more…

#Breaks #Bass # NewRelease #DJXXXclusive #Dynasty #808 #~Known #DropZone #Breakbeat  #Gigabeat DJ XXXclusive makes his GIGABEAT debut with ASS SHAKIN’ BASS! Along with 2 other debut remixing acts. Breakbeat powerhouse Dynasty teams up with B~Known to bring the heat on their remix. And Miami’s own DropZone comes correct reppin’ that 808 Bass!

#AudioBotz  #Breaks  #ElectroBass  #Electro  #Gigabeat The AudioBotz make their GIGABEAT original release debut with a 2 track monster EP!!-pound-ep/1441324

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