The Phat Kidz bring their smash F.U.B.A.R. release to Gigabeat along with killer remix by GN!

Gigabeat welcomes Decibel to the team with Push ‘Em Back! Decibel serves up Bangin’ bass and grimey basslines.

NeuroziZ brings his darker side to Gigabeat Nights with a 2017 remaster of City Bass Line! Mr Murphy adds his remixing talents with a storming electro bass version.…remaster/2085429

DJ 818 is back with the show featuring big time synths and boomin’ bass!

Been a while but …”I’m Back!” New 2017 Mix by Slip187 Download now! Tracklist: 1. Mafia Kiss – Close the Door 2. UFO Project – You Got Me 3. Stanton Warriors feat. Laura Steel – The One (Wuki Remix) 4. Mafia Kiss- Bitch Up 5. GN (G$Montana & NeuroziZ) – Hopes (FM-3 x Slip187 Remix) 6. Shade K – Uncle’s Advice 7. Mall Grab – I’ve Always Liked Grime (??? Remix) 8. Crawford – Back Lanes To Beagle 9. Stanton Warriors, Tony Quattro – Get Low feat Eva Lazarus (UFO Project Remix) 10. Stanton Warriors – Still Here Stantons (Shambhala Mix) 11. DJ Icey – Bad Company 12. GN (G$Montana & NeuroziZ) – Ghetto Funk 13. GN (G$Montana & NeuroziZ) – In Your Face (FM-3 x Slip187 Remix) 14. Mike & Charlie – I Get Live (Phat Kidz Remix 15. Wuki – Front2Back (feat. DJ Funk) 16. GN (G$MONTANA & NEUROZIZ) – Pigeons On My Window 17. Ghost (Major Lazer Remix – Keith MacKenzie x Fixx Flip) 18. Dom Dolla & Go Freek – Define (Slip187 RE RUB) 19. Stanton Warriors, AC Slater – Dig Deeper feat Eva Lazarus 20. Marten Hørger & Drunken Masters – Blood 21. Marten Hørger Read more…

Jon Pantofel joins the family with Party a boomin bass house track ready for the prime time!

GN brings you “In Your Face” and it’s one of their dopest releases yet. Don’t sleep on it!

JROK returns to Giga nights with Nightwolf!

OUT TODAY! Dirty Up! brings it again!