#DavidHasselhoff #TrueSurvivor  #EPIC Rarely does something emerge that is at this level of internet magic. If you watch nothing else watch the most epic and legit video that might have ever been created. Somehow they tap directly into the 80’s. Many have tried to recreate it the Hoff actually did it. He went so far back he rides a T-Rex.

As you know we are from Miami and if you don’t know Pepe Billete & Otto Von Schirach then you don’t know Miami. They got together a little anthem for the Heat haters. Check it out…Don’t forget, se acabo el pan! #GoHeat  #PepeBillete  #OttoVonSchirach  #3Peat  #Miami  #305  #Gigabeat PEPE y OTTO- Miami Heat NBA Finals ANTHEM by PepeBillete   Pepe Billete Otto Von Schirach  ovs  Facebook  Twitter  Last.fm  Tumblr  YouTube

Little bit of Fun with G.R.U.U.s’ Damn Flow! #Gigaeat #G.R.U.U. #Trap #RunTheTrap #305 #Miami BUY DAMN FLOW! here: http://www.beatport.com/release/damn-…

Welcome to our first post on something we’ve been wanting to do here for a while.  We would like to paint a better picture of a non Winter Music Conference Miami. The real Miami that makes it so great! First we have exhibit A. The head spike scene on game of thrones.  Next, thanks to my wife’s timely text we have exhibit B. The MIA’s version, “Game of Weaves” . You’re welcome… #ONLY_IN_MIAMI #GIGABEAT

Little flow from your guy Mr. Rodgers!

Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update: The Officer Who Arrested Justin Bieber

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11 year old Aidan Fisher performs Eruption and You Really Got Me with Steel Panther on Thursday, December 19th, 2013 at The Midland Theater in Kansas City, MO… https://www.facebook.com/aidanrocks   This is all kinds of awesome! I love some Steel Panther! ~ “Lord Bassmingo of Giga”

Boo-bwele-Boo-bwele-Boo-bwele-ah-HA.. A-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Our friends The Peñas would like to wish you all a Feliz Navidad!