Original Post and full review on DJTechTools.com The new Kontrol S8 flagship Traktor controller from Native Instruments is getting an official launch today, and we’ve got an exclusive in-depth video that reviews all the S8 functions in our studios. Click in to watch it now and read all the details of this exciting new controller.

Today we’ve got an exclusive quick Maschine video from live performer and finger drummer Bass Kleph. In this tutorial, he’s sharing some of his favorite techniques for taking a single sound from a full song and creating dynamic, playable samples out of that sound. Maschine makes it incredibly easy to get sounds ready to sample, with just a few steps to quickly get a few copies of your starting sample into the unit’s pads. Load a full song into the first position on a Maschine group Hit the Sampling button to enable sample-trigger mode. Hit the Edit button, and then adjust the start/end points to find the single sound you want to isolate Switch to “Truncate” in the left Maschine LCD and press “Apply” – this puts the sound into a standalone file and removes the rest of the song. Use Duplicate to make two more copies of the sample Then you’re set to use one of the ways that Bass Kleph outlines in the video above to length a sample and make it more usable for a live routine or a remix. Changing the play type to ADSR and link two of the samples together – making one short and punchy and one time stretched Read more…

Mad Zach shares three ways of working with a MIDI-conntected hardware synth in an Ableton Live production environment. Read more: http://bit.ly/abletonsynth   **Via DJTechTools.com**

Check out the teaser video and the unofficial image above of the ‘Roland Aira TR-08′, and let us know what you think of the idea of a new Roland drum machine, inspired by the 808 classic!   *Taken From http://www.synthtopia.com/

Five great effects techniques for digital DJs, demonstrated by Ean Golden using Traktor Pro 2. Techno Fill, Vocal Repeat, Off-Kilter Echo, Filter Kill – and a bonus combination effect. Original Tutorial located on http://www.djtechtools.com/

*HOW TO* Nu School Deep House Bass – NI Massive is our first installment of this new series. We scour  the darkest corners of interweb to bring you instruction on making the sounds you love. The first one we bring you is a classic Nu School Deep House Bass. If you want us do look for something specific join the community >here< and post in the suggestions group in our groups section or make your own.  

On Dec 7th, 2013 RickyVaughn taught a private workshop on Moombahton & Trap. Here is the 2nd Episode showing how i made my remix to the track “Whats Up Suckaz” by TJR. Free Download here – https://soundcloud.com/rickyvaughnofc… INTERESTED IN ATTENDING A WORKSHOP? EMAIL RVWORKSHOP82@GMAIL.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION. Social Media: Twitter: @RickyVaughn_OFC Facebook: Facebook.com/WILDTHANGRV Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/RickyVaughnOFC Instagram: Ricky_Vaughn_OFC

Claude VonStroke takes you through his process of creating his recently release album, Urban Animal. This tutorial is focused on the album’s titles track will show you how to use Abelton 9 to render out VST Synths into audio files to optimize your system during the production process and take advantage of post-production features. Get Urban Animal Now: Beatport: http://j.mp/18mVTma Vinyl, CD : http://bit.ly/1aCBV6o

DJTT chatted with Fred Falke about how he performs live with Ableton when on tour. Learn more: http://bit.ly/fredfalkeinterview Taken from the original interview at http://www.djtechtools.com  

Taken from the original article http://www.synthtopia.com E-licktronic has introduced a DIY clone of the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer, theYOCTO. According to E-licktronic, the YOCTO is an exact reproduction of the analog part of the TR – 808 (with the exception of the BA662 VCA Clap has been replaced by a BA6110). The classic analog drum synth sound engine is paired with a MIDI sequencer that lets you store up to 256 patterns, organized into 16 banks of 16 patterns in a Non-volatile EEPROM.