27 Oct 2016

Born in Sassari, (Italy) on 16 June, 1976, and living in Porto Torres, Roberto Mannoni took to the producer and Dj booth on its early years.
Fascineted by mixtape mixing techniques, and attracted by the Djs’ world, he took his first steps by creating his first mixtapes when it was still a young man.

G$Montana and Neuroziz are both individual DJ’s and Producers that have come together to create one unbelievable hard hitting musical team.  They blend together amazing beats to create some of the freshest breakbeat songs on the charts. G$Montana G$Montana also known as Geo Lopez has been immersed in the Florida music scene since 1997 first as a music lover and then an event promoter. In 2004, Geo Lopez created a music promotion company called, Project Mayhem. He started a new level of promoting events and took on Winter Music Conference (WMC) in 2004. He began a series of events, known as Project Mayhem Industry Socials featured during WMC that has since been successful. As Geo was surrounded continuously by artists in and out of the studio, it was no surprise when he decided to learn the art of DJing. He picked up the techniques quite quickly and started performing at local events. He had such a great reception to his sets he began thinking about producing music he loved.  He was branded with a DJ name, G$Montana which was thanks to friend DJ Brazen, in April 2014. Production quickly followed, and his debut original track GSPOT came out October 20, Read more…

Also know as GQMF and the DI.FM Trap Director, he continues to hale down the beats from house to breaks
with some hip hop 808 bass.

09 Jan 2014

Michael “MALO” Lauzardo, also known as Slip187 (His Breakbeat Moniker) and 1/2 of THEY LIVE! (MALO & Inside Pico), is a Miami native and has been a prevalent face in the South Florida music scene for nearly 15 years.

08 Jan 2014

Having just entered the Electronic Dance Music scene a few years ago, Steve Narvaez aka The R.O.A.R. has already produced and remixed tracks for some of the BIGGEST DANCE MUSIC LABELS in the world with tracks out on ULTRA RECORDS, and SPINNIN RECORDS.

They Live!
19 Dec 2013

THEY LIVE! is MALO & Inside Pico.
Do Not Question. We Are Your God. Stay Asleep. Listen. Consume. Obey…

Tits & Clits
17 Dec 2013

Tits & Clits is a Hungarian Electronica/House music act, composed by Benjámin Kalászi and Csaba Bernáth

MK Ultra
16 Dec 2013

M.K Ultra is a DJ/ Producer based out of Atlanta playing many genres such as dubstep, house, dirty electro, moombaton, and hardstyle.

Inside Pico
16 Dec 2013

Rogério Cardoso , São Paulo , with only 23, is the DJ / Producer behind the project Inside Pico

16 Dec 2013

Defunct! is dance music boiled over with heavy bass style sound.