Jim Funk is back with some bangin breaks! www.beatport.com/release/my-style/2260749

DJ Breeze comes back home and delivers some serious boom! www.beatport.com/track/join-me-or…nal-mix/10453612

FM-3 & Slip187 reunite for another banging remix of GN’s In your Face! BUY ME! www.beatport.com/release/in-your-…87-remix/2085596

GN brings you “In Your Face” and it’s one of their dopest releases yet. Don’t sleep on it! www.beatport.com/release/in-your-face/2065893

OUT TODAY! Dirty Up! brings it again! www.beatport.com/release/stack/2052889  

Shade K teams up with TERRIE for a bangin new one! www.beatport.com/release/wastyle/2052874

Gigabeat Nights welcomes Omega to the team with his new banger Metro 715 www.beatport.com/release/metro-715/2064948

The Long awaited release of Hopes is finally hear featuring remix by FM-3 x Slip187 www.beatport.com/release/hopes/2052977

GN teams up with DMoney to bring us one hell of a banger! www.beatport.com/release/drop-the-beat/2016111

Dirty Up! returns with Back to 808, a bass heavy trap inspired banger & Twang Back more of a classic 2 step chugger! www.beatport.com/release/back-to-…ang-back/1896567