The new collaboration between Pharrell and Daft Punk is now available to listen to. ‘Gust Of Wind’ is included on Pharrell’s new album ‘G I R L’ and of course follows huge summer jams from the vocalist and the robots released last summer. While ‘Gust Of Wind’ might not hit the giddy heights of ‘Get Lucky’ or ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’, it’s still of interest to fans of this oh-so-holy alliance. Pharrell does his best MJ impression with lyrics focusing on the joy of love while Daft Punk drop in for some vocoder action; plus there’s that trademark disco guitar lick thing going on and plenty of sweeping strings, presumably added to help you achieve the kind of euphoria Pharrell’s singing about. Check the tune below. ‘G I R L’ comes out on March 3. *Taken from the Mixmag post here*

Every Now and then the Grammy’s doesn’t disappoint. The whole place was moving for this one!