Sweet Charlie brings his classic style to GIGABEAT remixing GN’s favorite Hopes! www.beatport.com/release/hopes-sw…ie-remix/2193631

GN (G$Montana & NeuroziZ) team up again with Frank Bell and turn out a total banger www.beatport.com/release/gimme-sum/2117741

The Phat Kidz bring their smash F.U.B.A.R. release to Gigabeat along with killer remix by GN! https://www.beatport.com/release/f-u-b-a-r/2085433

GN brings you “In Your Face” and it’s one of their dopest releases yet. Don’t sleep on it! www.beatport.com/release/in-your-face/2065893

GN get’s pretty deep on this one, featuring sweet female vocals and some in your face 303 www.beatport.com/release/take-my-hand/2047772

GN teams up with DMoney to bring us one hell of a banger! www.beatport.com/release/drop-the-beat/2016111

GN comes through with Pigeons On My Window dropping there usual banger with the help of a few Pigeons www.beatport.com/release/pigeons-…y-window/1999415

GN(G$Montana & NeuroziZ) drop another doozy. “Come And Get This” brings deep classic style breaks vibes with modern “BASS”. “You know you want this!” www.beatport.com/release/come-and-get-this/1965296

GN (G$MONTANA & NEUROZIZ) return with Touch Me! Get your bass bins ready! www.beatport.com/release/touch-me/1927082

G$Montana & NeuroziZ (GN) wrap up 2016 with one of their best yet Hot Beef Empanada! www.beatport.com/release/hot-beef-empanada/1907864