Straight dopeness! G$Montana & NeuroziZ bring the Lowdown to GIGABEAT and ask…How low can YOU go? OUT TODAY!

#NewTimes  #MiamiBass  #DJCraze  #Gigabeat Original article posted in Miami New Times   Uncle Luke called it “the best bass party” he’s ever attended. “That shit was dope,” DJ Craze told us. Our own Kat Bein called it the “party of the fucking century.” And, trust us, she’s been to a lot of parties. Red Bull’s United States of Bass, which featured a lineup full of bass gods like Uncle Luke, DJ Laz, DJ Sliink, TT the Artist, Egyptian Lover, and DJ Craze, was hyped to be the party of the year. And, in our opinion, it delivered on that hype. After it was all said and done, we caught up with Miami’s own DJ Craze to try and make sense of what just happened. “You can’t even call that motherfucker a DJ,” DJ Laz said when he was introducing Craze at the United States of Bass. “You gotta call that motherfucker an innovator.” We agree, and you can check out our interview with him above, where we discuss the importance of Miami bass.

Miami is the undisputed world heavyweight champion of bass, and the globe’s leading progenitor of trunk rattle, rear-view shake, and total body thump. The genre is a direct descendant of Pretty Tony’s freestyle productions, and Henry Stone’s earlier indie R&B Pop. It’s the single hardest electronic boom in the universe, and proud of it. Read more at the New Times Original Story by: Jacob Katel Thu., Jul. 31 2014 at 9:00 AM

An oldschool Ableton clip launching set i did at some gig back in the day. Alot of people liked it. Thanks to the wife for finding it. Thought I’d upload it. It’s all Miami Bass live edits and remixing of things that were hot at the moment and electro.  


Dream House studios and Cut it Up Def  transport you back to the start of it all. Miami has always been at the forefront of BASS!

We always support our hometown guys and Merlyn is no exception, he’s been constantly turning out quality boomers! Here is a brand new free download for ya with support by Kuad boys, Krafty Kuts, Deekline, etc