MSCLS comes through with a freebie here, Classic 90’s piano house vibes with a beautiful, playful, female vocal riding throughout the track! AWESOME   Follow @mscls Follow @rhythm-district Follow @rachelkcollier

This is dark & heavy, soulful, garage-y, deep vocal tune brought to you free by MSCLS. Really loving his sound! #FREEDOWNLOAD  #DEEPHOUSE  #GIGABEAT @MSCLS

New freebie by MSCLS. “Ayyy! This one kinda blends a few different sounds that inspire me at the moment, some old school, some r&b, and some big baseline business! Hope you guys like the new jam and thank you for all the support on this project!” ~ MSCLS MSCLS – Alone by MSCLS

Greetings all! Some of you may know me from my other alias “LeDoom” but today I am very proud and stoked to be debuting this new project that I have been working very hard on for the past few months “MSCLS” (pronounced muscles)! This mix represents a lot of the different sounds of house that I am very found and the music in here is a taste of the things to come in the future. This mix is filled with originals, some edits and just overall tunes that I’ve been really into lately. ~ MSCLS   MSCLS – “Moving Forward” Mix by MSCLS  Facebook  Twitter