Catch Gigabeat artists Pantoja and Miami Bryce at  You and I Are Love Sat Feb 1st!   Saturday February 8th at the TSL lounge ( The Social Lubricant) We will be curating 12 of Miami’s local emerging artists along with music, live painting and killer drink specials! DOORS OPEN @ 8pm : 8pm -10pm – with a $5.00 donation to You And I Are Love you will receive a complimentary drink from Miami Club Rum. !!!!!Drink Special!!!!!! $7.00 PBR & Jameson House Handcrafted cocktail specials!!! LIVE MUSIC: Ricardo Pantoja Miamibryce Wyatt Ydiz Meagher (Telekinetik Walrus) Denise Phaxas Brady Jacob (Skinny Hendrix) Komakozie LIVE PAINTING: Tesoro Carolina Leah Guzman Jon Free Yuhmi Collective Artists Line up TO BE ANNOUNCED….